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Rainwater Harvesting Resources

Rainwater harvesting, also known as rainwater collection, rainwater catchment and rain capture, is an age-old method of collecting, storing and recycling natural rainwater to supplement water supply.

Based on traditional practices such as collecting in rain barrels and rainwater cisterns, today's rainwater harvesting systems range from simple rain chain and rain barrel collection to sophisticated networks.
More sources for learning about rainwater harvesting:

Rainwater Harvesting 101. Definitions, water budgeting, resources. (PDF)
Rainwater Collection Diagram, Rain Harvesting (PDF)
Catchment Water Budget Worksheet from Northwest Water Source. (XLS)
"Harvesting Rainwater for Landscape Use," guide to rainwater collection published by the University of Arizona

Rainwater harvesting at the Red Rock Ranger District, Coconino National Forest, Sedona

Custom residential system in Prescott, Arizona

Commercial active rainwater harvesting system for  luxury condominiums in Phoenix. The tanks are housed in the lower level with parking.

Commercial system installation in Marana, Arizona

Slopes, hardscape, and planted bioswales are part of passive rainwater harvesting at Yavapai College's Prescott, Arizona, campus

Active and passive rainwater harvesting integrated with edible landscape at Prescott College
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